1966 Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin

As with Avis Car Rentals in the 60's, Bridgestone wasn't number 1. So, they had to try harder and do more than the rest of the crowd. Therefore we got terms such as; "Dual Twin", "Enclosed Carburetors", "Oil-Injection", "Sport Shift". I don't know about you but I like the sound of all of those.

The 175 2-stroke was virtually two 90cc Bridgestone singles melded together. It featured rotary valves rather than reed valves (swanky!) as well as carburetors located behind engine covers (even swankier!) Rotary valves weren't used very often on production bikes due to the production cost. But when they were used, they were wonderful. Much like many 2-stroke race bikes, the carburetors on the 175 twin were mounted directly to the rotary valves. 

This is one interesting little bike that is looking for a new home. Come by the shop and check it out in person!


  • Mileage - 725
  • Original Condition



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