2016 Yamaha FJR1300

2016 marked the year for the IMPORTANT changes Yamaha made to the FJR such as, a sixth gear, optional adaptive suspension and an assist/slipper clutch. The sixth gear is something FJR fans have been asking for, for years. Yamaha didn’t just add an overdrive (although it is technically an overdrive). They completely reconfigured the transmission. The gear ratios have been altered (for the better). First and second have longer legs and fourth and fifth are shorter, making the sport-tourer feel a bit more like a tourer. Third gear’s ratio stayed the same and sixth is an overdrive that makes cruising incredibly smooth. At 75mph you’re sitting at 3500rpm.

A sixth gear for 2016 is great, but thats only the beginning. Next up is the Assist & Slipper Clutch. This allows the operator to pin it and upshift until the heart is content, or the face has melted off (its really fast). Paired with the YCC-T (ride-by-wire), when the clutch is disengaged from a standstill, RPM raises by 200 making hillstarts easier. Its weird at first, but you get used to it. YCC-T also gives the gift of riding modes. In this case they are sport and touring. Go-figure.

Last but not least for 2016 is the optional Electronic Suspension, which this particular model is equipped with. It feels as if the bike is predicting every scenario you are going to put it through. Electronic suspension paired with the YCC-T, and the riding modes the bike feels fantastic. Exclusive to the electronic shift model is LED cornering lights, adding even more confidence to the inevitable night rides.

The FJR comes standard with a full LED light setup: headlight, tail light, and turn-signals. The windshield, handlebars and seat are all adjustable.

This particular bike is loaded to the gills with accessories. It has a National Cycle V-Stream windshield as well as Yamaha’s color matched top-case and a Sargent comfort seat. All great upgrades to make touring more enjoyable and allow the rider to make the last few miles a breeze. Front axle sliders, frame sliders and saddlebag guards have all been added just in case the bike is dropped. The bike only has 1057 miles! Scoop this one up before its too late.


  • Mileage - 1,057

  • Windshield

  • Topcase

  • Sargent Seat

  • Front Axle Sliders, Frame Sliders and Saddlebag Guards

  • Adjustable Clutch and Brake Levers

No Longer Available

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