Consigning Your Motorcycle

Looking to sell your bike without all the hassle? We may be able to help you out!

Here at French & Sons Motorcycles we are about making your life easier.  Whether its by changing your oil, finding the right pair of gloves or getting you an ice cold Yoohoo after a hard day, we genuinely care.  That is why we offer you the service of selling your bike for you. We handle everything, all you have to do is drop off your bike and pick up your money when it sells.  It is that simple.  

Here's The Process...

  • We will perform any repairs or detailing you request, to make it as appealing as possible for potential buyers

  • We will then take high-res, detailed photos of your bike.

  • Then, we will list your bike with a detailed description on craigslist, our website, Facebook, Instagram and any other forums we see fit.

  • Your bike will be put on our shiny, air-conditioned showroom for all of our day-to-day foot traffic to see.

  • Once a potential buyer shows interest, we will tell them all about the bike and haggle to get you the best price possible.

  • After the price is agreed upon, we will call you with the good news to come sign over your title and pick up your money.

Here's an example... 

Here's the form...

Name *

Here's the contract...

F&S Motorcycles, LLC/DBA French & Sons Motorcycles is pleased to assist you in the sale of your bike. This consignment document defines the terms and agreement for the sale of your motorcycle. French & Sons business license and insurance coverage DOES NOT allow us to be a dealer of motorcycles. The formal sales transaction is between you and the buyer. The buyer buys the bike from you with all the necessary paperwork, representations and your guarantees, if any. You pay French & Sons the consignment fee at the time of the sale.

French & Sons carries no insurance for consignment motorcycles. We highly recommend that you have, at least, comprehensive insurance that will cover theft or physical damage. We will not allow any perspective customer or shop employee to ride your motorcycle without first contacting you for permission.

French & Sons charges a standard fee of 10% (minimum $50) of the total sale price of the motorcycle.  We do not charge or collect sales tax or provide title service for consignment bikes. Payment of sales tax and title transfer is the responsibility of the buyer. It is highly recommended that you have a valid title in your name before you leave you bike for consignment. Older bikes (antiques) without a title can be sold with a bill of sale if the buyer agrees.

Maximum consignment period is 60 days unless other arrangements are made in writing. Customer will have 15 days to pick up the motorcycle after the 60 day period ends. Beyond 15 days, storage fees will apply at $5 per day. The motorcycle will be considered abandoned after 90 days beyond the end of the 60 day consignment period (150 days total from the date on this agreement). We will then advertise the bike for sale as abandoned to recover storage and consignment fees.

Upon mutual consent we may list your bike on the French & Sons website, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, but will not sell below our agreed upon price without your consent.

French & Sons Motorcycles reserves the right to reject any consignment submission.