French and Sons - RIPE - Our Prime, except Overnight

Its like Amazon Prime, but its only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and you have to come to the shop…. BUT.

French and Sons RIPE logo, its a work in progress.

French and Sons RIPE logo, its a work in progress.

OKAY, so it might not be exactly like Amazon Prime, but its still pretty good! Did you know that we have several great distributors that carry the majority of products sold by places like J&P Cycles, Revzilla and CycleGear? Not only do we sell the same products as those Juggernauts, we can get most of them with FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. There are only a few stipulations.



  1. Orders must be placed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in order to get your stuff the next day.

  2. We have two shots to get the orders in on time to make the “cut-off” shipping time with the distributors: 11:00am and 3:00pm. So wake up a little earlier, don’t be a slacker and lets get your parts ASAP.

  3. You have to pick your stuff up from the shop. Thats a good thing, you could use a little sun.

AIN’T SKEERED - About Prices


A common misconception is that everything is less expensive online. For the most part, prices are the same. Sure there are some things those big bastards like Revzilla can buy by the truckload and retail them for less than we can buy them for, but that’s rare. Give us shot. Don’t be Skeered.

Warranty? Returns? - No Brainer, WE’RE BETTER

No need to go into the hassles of ordering something online, receiving it and realizing its either wrong, defective or lame. Sure, big online stores are making it easier to send stuff back, but wouldn’t it be easier to just hand it somebody and let them take care it? It doesn’t cost you anything. If its wrong, we’ll make sure you get the right one. If its defective, we’ll get you a good one, as well as publicly shame the manufacturer. If its lame, that could be your fault but we’ll still handle it, embarrassing mistakes happen.

So, give us a shot! Membership is free. As Billy says, “there’s no rules and no dues”. Amazon won’t give you a free cup of coffee while you listen to old-man jokes and decide on your next need or want for your sweet HOG.