ICON Mesh AF - Hot Weather? Who Cares?

ICON - Mesh AF

The ultimate jacket to beat the heat.

This jacket is Mesh AF… Air Flow. Air flow is emphasized because it will keep you cool AF. Full D30 (CE) protection (back, shoulders and elbows) at a fantastic price point, $180.

Not to mention, how light-weight it is. You can actually see through it. I feel like this jacket was made for the guys who usually ride in T-shirt (guilty…). Believe it or not, I felt cooler in this jacket than I did in just a T-Shirt. The way the air circulates in the jacket is quite refreshing.

Before you head to the big box online stores, check with us! We have full size runs (S through 3XL) in grey as well as black. So come try one on so you don’t have deal with returns or any of that mess.