Vintage Supply - Norton 850 Commando

1974 Norton 850 Commando


Everybody loves a Norton. This beautiful 850 is no exception. This bike has been restored and runs and rides great. These highly collectible machines are going up in value everyday. It is always nice to find one that is already restored. Check the details below to see the high points of this 850.



  • Akront Wheels - 19" Front, 18" Rear
  • Tach-Drive O-Ring Modification
  • Oil Filter Conversion for Saturn Filter
  • Stainless Steel Rocker Oil Lines
  • PCV Conversion for Crankcase
  • Boyer MKIII Electronic Ignition
  • 3 ph 180w Charging System converted to negative ground.
  • Halogen Headligh
  • Stainless Exhaust w/Locking Pipe Nuts - New Threads in Head
  • New Rear Shocks
  • Swing arm modification
  • Caswell Sealed Fuel Tank
  • New Fuel Petcocks
  • Refurbished Isolastics
  • 19T Front Sprocket
  • New Rear Grab Bar
  • New AGM Battery
  • Corbin Gunfighter Seat and Stock Seat